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      I confessI denynothing! she said. Give me my letter!

      "On that boat, fancying herself disguised. Having you, we're only too glad not to have her."

      He bit his lip. She did not think of him; it was the duke and Lilias."You went farther? How could you?"


      "Yes, to feel that way and same time to be ab'e to smile like that!"


      At Anna's side among the rearing, trembling teams a mounted officer, a surgeon, Flora's messenger, was commanding and imploring her to follow Constance and Miranda into the wagon which had wrecked their conveyance. And so, alas! all but trampling her down, yet unseeing and unseen though with her in every leap of his heart, he who despite her own prayers was more to her than a country's cause or a city's deliverance flashed by, while in the dust and thunder of the human avalanche that followed she stood asking whose battery was this and with drowned voice crying, as she stared spell-bound, "Oh, God! is it only Bartleson's? Oh, God of mercy! where is Hilary Kincaid?" A storm of shell burst directly overhead. Men and beasts in the whirling battery, and men and beasts close about her wailed, groaned, fell. Anna was tossed into the wagon, the plunging guns, dragging their stricken horses, swept out across the field, the riot of teams, many with traces cut, whipped madly away, and still, thrown about furiously in the flying wagon, she gazed from her knees and mutely prayed, but saw no Hilary because while she looked for a rider his horse lay fallen.


      I see, he whispered to himself. And he went andand bullied her!He was gone five minutes, which seemed five years to Trafford, who could not remove his eyes from the significant entry.